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Tailored liquidity solutions empowering emerging economies.

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Embedded liquidity products empowering emerging economies.

Building end-to-end liquidity solutions - from platform design to product implementation and growth.

We take care of the whole solution lifecycle, from development to implementation and beyond.

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Product design

Together, we design the liquidity products.

Platform provision

Build & provide tailored
embedded lending platforms.

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Dynamic credit profiling

Assign dynamic behavioural based
credit profiles to borrowers.

Data insights

Analyse and advise on key insights produced by the collected data.

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Solution implementation

Work on the ground with our partners for product implementation in-country.

Product support

Provide ongoing product support and growth plans to aid with solution roll-out. 

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We take care of the whole solution lifecycle, from development to implementation and beyond.

Designing product solutions

Providing tailored lending platforms

Dynamic behavioural credit profiling

Analysing & advising on data insights

On the ground solution implementation

Support & roll out of product growth plans

Hapa Cash
Kazi Cash

Hapa Cash

Hapa: the Swahili word for here
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Hapa Cash is a real-time transactional liquidity solution for agents & consumers.

Hapa Cash is there, in the user’s wallet when they need it.

Hapa Cash has been used to fund:

  • Airtime purchases
  • Mobile money transfers
  • e-Float facilities
  • Fuel credit products

Real-time transactional liquidity for…

Agent networks form a large part of the economic activity in emerging markets. Mobile money and airtime credit are the cornerstone of their livelihoods. These agent networks face challenges related to their e-float facilities, where lack of access to liquidity leaves them, and their customers, at a standstill.

Being unable to process a cash-in transaction or the sale of a mobile service, has knock-on consequences far beyond the point of sale. Closed doors, dissatisfied customers and less business. 

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With Hapa Cash
Without Hapa Cash

Mobile money and airtime products bare pivotal for the sustainability of consumers’ lifestyles in emerging economies. Around the clock access to these services is key and access to short-term liquidity products often gives them the ability to make more transactions happen.

In the middle of the night, out of town or without enough money in their wallet, they’re often left without the means to complete the purchase of the products or services they need.

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With Hapa Cash
Without Hapa Cash

Kazi Cash

Kazi: the Swahili word for work
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Kazi Cash is a suite of tailored growth financing products for micro-merchants and agents.

Kazi Cash is their financial companion, making their capital work.

Kazi Cash has been used to fund:

  • Term loans
  • Stock financing
  • Merchant cash advances
  • ePOS financing

Tailored growth financing for…

Entrepreneurship is the backbone of emerging economies - and this mindset has shaped the size of the micro-merchant networks, dominating these markets. These merchants have unique financing needs, that don’t fit the mould of the developed world.

Without access to the right lending products and services, they’re often left unable to fill their shelves with the quantities needed, and subsequently they can’t serve their customers and communities. 

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With Kazi Cash
Without Kazi Cash

The development of agent networks has grown exponentially in recent times. Many of these agents, don’t only sell mobile money and airtime products, they have expanded their operations to sell physical goods too.

This has lead to them shifting their mindsets, from operating as agents, to becoming entrepreneurs. This leaves them with unique financing needs, to help them first form, and then grow their operations into small businesses. 

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With Kazi Cash
Without Kazi Cash