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Tailored liquidity solutions empowering emerging economies.

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Digital lending as a service solutions for positive social impact

We’re the connective tissue binding together ecosystems that identify and fund economically productive opportunities.

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Striving for more than financial inclusion

Kuunda is the Swahili word for “to create”. We were born from a desire to create a different global financial dynamic; a world in which every financially active participant is able to play a productive role in building their economy.

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With a combined 45 years of industry expertise amongst the founding team, we recognised that despite best efforts, the liquidity challenges faced by those in emerging economies were rife and ongoing.

Having witnessed the problem of improper access to liquidity first-hand, predominantly through experiences on the African continent, we set out to discover other markets and market segments that faced the same problem. 

Through time spent on the ground and in the field across Africa and Asia, the team came to recognise the pivotal role that agents, small businesses, and consumers play within  their respective economies.

Developing solutions to solve people’s access to liquidity was therefore key to resolving economic hardships and to help build resilience and improve economic productivity.

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Solving problems requires collaboration & connection

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Kuunda was born from the coming together of industry experts.
Andy Milne, Sam Brawerman & Morne van der Westhuizen brought their past experiences together.
Began designing our first liquidity product requirements in Tanzania.
Selected 4Pay as our technology platform provider. They provide Kuunda with a world class, proven digital banking platform upon which we have built our liquidity solutions. This has allowed us to provide our partners with products tailored to each of their unique needs.
m-Pesa Tanzania became our first partner.
We launched our e-Float facility in Tanzania.
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Airtel Africa came on board as our second partner.
We disbursed our 1 millionth loan in July.
OneLoad Pakistan became our first Asian partner.
Launched our working capital facility in Tanzania.
In May we disbursed our 6 millionth loan.
Launched our Nairobi Operations Hub to support in-country launches across Africa.
In December we launched our overdraft solution with OneLoad in Pakistan.
In December we secured $2.25 million in seed funding led by Accion Venture Labs.
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In February we reached cumulative disbursements of +$100 million.
In March we launched our consumer overdraft facility.
In May we reached 90 000 active agents & 1 million active consumers.
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In May, we launched our first products in Malawi with Airtel.
In September we reached cumulative disbursements of $1 billion.
In October we launched our Stock Finance solution in Pakistan.
Our mission is to become the leading lending-as-a-service platform for financially underserved users in emerging economies.

We foster a culture of...


We bring the right partners together, align them to a shared vision, and facilitate the process of working together to develop tailored liquidity solutions.

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We persevere through economic & operational shocks because these economies have to as well; and enable participants to continue transacting despite their daily challenges.


We’re committed to involving every participant in the financial ecosystem to make them a contributing part of the economy by providing non-discriminatory credit scoring and lending products.

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Our Locations. Our global footprint.

We have developed physical locations across all the regions that we operate in to establish on the ground support networks for our partners.