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Tailored liquidity solutions empowering emerging economies.

Our new website in the works and soon we'll welcome you back for the big reveal. In the meantime, start a conversation with our team by dropping us an email or follow us on LinkedIn for updates.

Tailored liquidity solutions built through meaningful collaboration.

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Solving the liquidity challenges felt across the world.

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The lack of access to liquidity is not only an economic inhibitor, but it negatively impacts the growth of individual economic participation and productivity.

Our end goal is not just to provide a loan; our liquidity solutions are tools for all people to sustain their lifestyles, grow their businesses and build economic resilience.


Embedded financing solutions built to solve liquidity problems for agents, MSMEs and consumers

Hapa Cash

Hapa is instant access liquidity that’s designed for users to always have access to the finances that they need, in the here and now.

No matter when, where or what the need is, it’s a secure financing product, available in real-time for productive transactions.

How it works
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Kazi Cash

Kazi is a collection of tailored growth financing solutions that are designed to help entrepreneurs and small businesses expand and grow their operations in a productive and secure way.

At any stage of an entrepreneur’s business lifecycle Kazi Cash is available to help them take their small businesses to the next level.

How it works

Solving problems requires collaboration & connection

Kuunda is the connective tissue within this ecosystem; bringing partners, products and people together to strengthen economies and empower agents, MSMEs and consumers.

Whether solving agents’ liquidity problems, growing the productivity of merchant networks or getting users to make better use of products. With our partners, we build solutions that deliver impactful results.

Our Partnership Model
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Together with our partners, we...

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Analyse transactional & behavioural data
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Understand unique liquidity requirements
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Connect our strategic partners with balance sheet providers

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Let's work together.

Relationships aren't built in email threads. We've found that the best way to find out more is to set up a call directly with one of our founders.

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