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Tailored liquidity solutions empowering emerging economies.

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A new market & a new approach

Each market has its own unique circumstances. In order to build and grow, we need to adapt our models and build lasting relationships.

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Aligning to a collective vision - providing Financial Wellness and promoting Economic Involvement in emerging markets.

The formation of Kuunda Pakistan

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Our business model was always intended to go global. Tailoring products and partnership methodologies to suit different market conditions - from regulations to user segments - was challenging. In order to collectively serve the needs of a market, we required a strong local presence.

Staying true to our vision of building sustainable partnerships within the countries we operated in, we adopted a joint venture model within Pakistan. We needed more than a partnership, we needed to become one.

In Neem, we found the right joint venture partner.

Joining forces, we were able to set up on the ground operations facilities in Islamabad that gave us access to the local market, relevant financial products, as well as the ability to found and scale up a local team. Beyond, this partnership provides us with the expertise network regulatory and operation capabilities to successfully launch and scale our offerings in the market. Neem has become a trusted partner in enabling our joint financial wellness vision for Pakistan.


Sizing & scaling for a new market

Due to the population growth in Pakistan, it is steadily becoming one of the world’s largest retail and grocery markets. The majority of these transactions are happening within the informal sector, leading to the rise of mobile money services and other alternative payment infrastructures developing. 

These new models give rise to the need for unique digital financing and lending solutions to service the growing demands of the market. With a population in excess of 220 million people, and a retail market of 2.5 million businesses, the opportunity for real-time transactional financing solutions is huge. 

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Naeem Zamindar
Co-founder Of Neem

The Pakistan market has been rife for digital disruption. We needed the right partners to help us capitalise on the opportunities that the market presented.

We believe a differentiated approach is required to address the Financial Wellness needs of financially underserved communities. Kuunda was a natural fit, and the synergies we felt were immediate. We knew that we would need to adopt an agile approach to developing our model to enable the whole model to succeed. Coupling this with their technology capabilities, we knew that our collective product development capabilities would deliver results for the market.

Jalal Ul Haq
CCO of Kuunda

Kuunda always intended on being a global business. The challenges that we had seen on the African continent whilst unique, were not isolated.

The Pakistan market was one that we naturally viewed as an economy full of opportunity. Our experiences were founded in Africa, so we knew that finding a partner in country would be vital to our success. Fortunately, Neem Exponential proved to be that entity for us. Our conversations soon evolved into a long-standing partnership - aligned to a common vision, we joined forces to tackle the liquidity challenges in Pakistan.


Building. Learning. Evolving

Osman Anwar
CEO: Kuunda Pakistan
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Ali Raza
Growth & Operations Manager
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Zaigham Hidayatullah
Head of Strategic Partnerships: Kuunda Pakistan
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Samreen Naqvi
Samreen Naqvi
Head of Operations
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Nadeem Shaikh
Founder of Neem
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Vladimira Briestenska
Founder of Neem 
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Naeem Zamindar
Founder of Neem 
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