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Tailored liquidity solutions empowering emerging economies.

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Purposeful partnerships for meaningful impact.

Nothing great was ever achieved in isolation. To create substantial and sustainable change, collaboration is essential.


Partnerships built to last

Strategic Partners

Mobile money operators, mobile network operators, bill payment aggregators, last mile e-commerce platforms and other fintech businesses with vast networks of users. Our strategic partners provide our partnership model with access to users, and products and services that require liquidity financing throughout their economies. 

What they get:

  • More productive user networks
  • Greater network transactions
  • Improved brand reputation

Balance Sheet Partners

Banks and financial institutions with access to capital that they are looking to distribute to a network of qualified borrowers. In emerging economies, their access to the unbanked population is limited. They’re constantly searching for new financing models in order to maximise the return on their capital, and supply much needed financial tools into the markets. 

What they get:

  • Access to new borrower networks
  • Ability to build new credit profiles
  • Turn their capital more effectively


Our proprietary credit scoring algorithms form the backbone of the partnerships model. Providing all of our partners with a deep understanding of the financing needs of the markets’ users. From product development to implementation and growth strategies, we are the connective tissue bringing the whole ecosystem together. 

What we do:

  • Analyse user behaviour
  • Understand liquidity requirements
  • Connect distribution & financing networks

Resilient Partner Networks

We’re the connective tissue that brings together whole ecosystems to help identify and fund economically productive opportunities. Only by creating resilient connections is it able to sustain and remain operational through them. 

By building this resilience, we enable widespread economic change. Our goal isn’t just to solve the problems of liquidity for those on the ground, but rather to solve the systemic economic challenges that restrict their access to it, and inhibit their economic productivity.

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Resilient partnerships built to last

Kuunda is the connective tissue in our partnership ecosystem. Bringing strategic partners to the model to design, develop and implement tailored lending solutions and facilitating their connection to balance sheet providers to identify and fund economically productive opportunities. 

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Strategic Partners
How they fit in
What they get from us
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Balance Sheet Partners
How they fit in
What they get from us

Creating solutions with our partners that deliver tangible impact

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Find Synergies
Collaborate with the key industry stakeholders to unlock opportunities.
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Be Dynamic
Flexible funding and development models to align on a common vision.
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Remain Adaptable
Tailor products and models to suit the complex market dynamics of our partners.

On the ground. Around the world

The liquidity challenges that we’re solving are global. We’ve developed an international footprint and a global partnership network to successfully launch and scale our liquidity solutions across the globe.

Strategic Partners


Balance Sheet Partners


Let's work together.

Relationships aren't built in email threads. We've found that the best way to find out more is to set up a call directly with one of our founders.

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